Happy Lunar New Year

a combination

I wonder what can beat this combination of Dark Chocolate Moussey Cakes (using the filling of these Dark Chocolate Tartlets), topped with a gigantic scoop of cookies and cream ice cream and lastly, with a piece of Spiral Cookie? Cupcakes perhaps? Or probably some silky chocolate mousse? Hmm, maybe some seductive truffles?

I’ve been busy with school these days to really bake something nice. So after the Lunar New Year, I hope I can get some time out to start baking again. Need to bake some for my customers too. =x

While surfing the websites of all the baking accessories, especially Williams Sonoma, I realize there are so many things that I yearn to add on to my collection. I can never have enough of cake pans, though my mom doesn’t agree. Well, I do hope to save enough money to get myself some cool gadgets out there, especially a food processor to get my tart crusts together and whip up some frosting with it; more mini fluted tart pans (square ones hopefully) to line my tart crusts in; probably a couple of cupcake pans that fit my cupcake papers nicely; a small coffee maker to start the brewing of coffee going; a bigger cooling rack (I’ve been eyeing those 3-tiered cooling rack for some time already) for all the munchies; a square or rectangle shallow pans so I can start making my swiss roll and roulades; some extra spatulas to keep the mixing going; more cookie cutters; and hopefully some small rounds, small squares, big rounds, big squares that can be used to assemble cakes.

Woo. Looks like a really long birthday wishlist *hint-hint*. I think I’m gonna pop by bakeware shop at Holland Village some time after new year to have a look at the babies they offer. =) Oh, and I just found this extremely cool device - suitable for busy and lazy people. But I must say that technology is really amazing these days!

Well I think I’ll just end of here today. Will be away for a while, till then! A happy lunar new year to everyone!

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