Epicurean Market in Singapore

Epicurean Market

Epicurean Market

Event booklet and pass

First workshop of the day

Note: My apologies for the lousy photos, these photos were taken by my iPhone and the quality was just… bad! I am so tempted to get a compact / semi-pro camera as it’s much easier to bring around when I’m out… shall start saving up ;)

A few weekends back (sorry for the backlog!) I was privileged and honored to be invited to Epicurean Market by Philicia from Marina Bay Sands. (Thank you, Philicia!) Epicurean Market is an inaugural 3-day gourmet food and wine appreciation event. I have been to MBS a few times, but never knew that they have a 12,500 square meters convention center there! Besides having the chance to sample food and wine offered by many famous restaurants such as CUT, db Bistro Moderne, Guy Savoy, Wakhu Gin, workshops and masterclasses are also offered for people who want to learn more about food and wine.

I was really excited as this was the first time I’m invited to an event and it proved to be really fun – besides picking up several skills here and there, I also had the chance to sample some really delicious food offered by Michelin Star / Celebrity Chef restaurants.

Epicurean Market

Epicurean Market

Brioche dough made into a loaf

Brioche dough made into doughnuts

I was allowed to bring a friend along, so I brought my boyfriend, who had absolutely no idea what this event was about. (I only told him there would be a lot of food to try haha!) The first workshop we attended was a brioche workshop taught by the Executive Pastry Chef from CUT, Chef Jen. Though the recipe was not given out, Chef Jen gave lots of advices and tips which would undoubtedly prove useful in the future when I make brioche (but I first have to go get a new mixer, my hand-mixer had given up on me just before Chinese New Year!)

Chef Jen demonstrated how a basic brioche recipe can be made into doughnuts, bread and cinnamon rolls.

Epicurean Market

Epicurean Market

Cinnamon roll – fresh out from the oven

Finishing product – the lighting was just… weird!

And we managed to sample one cinnamon roll each – and I have to say that the roll was simply amazing and so, so delicious! Even X, who was never really a bread lover, liked it very much. My photo was really not doing the roll justice – it is a way tastier than it looked.

Epicurean Market

Epicurean Market

Au Chocolat cakes and pastries for sale

Samples of bacon dipped in dark chocolate

After the workshop, we walked around looking for food to eat. We were given coupons to spend, but we spent more than that as there was just too many food to try! Here are some of the shots we took for the rest for the day:

Epicurean Market

Epicurean Market

Chefs from Guy Savoy preparing the food

From Guy Savoy: Artichoke and black truffle soup – a very rich, thick and creamy soup

Epicurean Market

Epicurean Market

From CUT: Top – Wagyu sliders; bottom – sliced Wagyu striploin with potato puree and creamed spinach

The man himself – Daniel Boulud (everyone’s busy snapping photos of him!)

Epicurean Market

Epicurean Market

From Waku Ghin: Aonori (scallop) with preserved olive and vinaigrette

Salad with white chocolate dressing

The last workshop that we attended was on savory application of chocolate in food, hosted by Au Chocolat. The chef prepared 3 dishes using white, milk and dark chocolate. Not sure if I’ll dare to try the recipe in the future as I just can’t imagine sweet/bittersweet chocolate with salt!

Epicurean Market

Epicurean Market

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Soup

Salmon with Milk Chocolate Butter Sauce

The event had been really fun and informative. I can’t wait to visit one of these restaurants soon for a meal!

Here are some of my top choices for restaurants that I want to dine there soon:

For the full list of restaurants, do head over here!

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5 thoughts on “Epicurean Market in Singapore

  1. How lucky for you to get this invite and to be able to attend! The finished dishes look fantastic, especially the salmon with chocolate butter sauce. Wow! Thanks for taking us along, Jasline
    FYI: This may very well be a problem on “my side” but I’ve been unable to access your post about Daylily Flowers. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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