Finally, the Move!

I am so sorry for my absence here!

It’s been like what… 3 weeks since I last blogged here?

The absence was mainly due to work and also because I’ve been preparing for the MOVE!

Some of you might have known that I had shifted to my new domain but shifted back due to lots of problems with the html, script, css and I-don’t-know-what. Shall not go into details of the horrible times I’ve been through…

But… it’s all solved! I’ve found a really cool website designer and she re-designed the blog and did up all the behind-the-scenes. And here’s a preview:


I would say it’s about 80% ready as I still need to update the recipes page and my designer is going to help me do up a nice conversion table ;) But I am ready to blog there!

And, to make up for the absence, I’ve blogged about a new recipe! Here’s what it looks like:

Tuscan Baked Eggs

Hungry? ;)

I really hope to see you all there in the new platform and I’ll be visiting you all real soon!

Go there now! :D


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